Maters’ programm

IHLSI offers a flexible Master’s degree program that can be completed in 1 to 1.5 years, requiring 45 credit units with an estimate of 120 hours of study per course, adaptable to both full-time and part-time students with varying completion times depending on credit transfers and individual pace.

10 courses (total 40 credit units):

Theories and Foundations of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (4 units)

Advanced Molecular Cell Biology Principles and Techniques (4 units)

Comprehensive Oriental Medicine Diagnosis and Skills (4 units)

Healing Energy Medicine: Mind-Body Techniques (4 units)

Acupuncture, Asian Bodywork, and Modalities (4 units)

Nutritional Therapeutics: Oriental Medicine Nutrition & Food Therapy (4 units)

Clinical Psychology & AI Therapy (4 units)

Theory and Applications of Homeopathy (4 units)

Comprehensive Herbal Treatment Strategy (4 units)

Herbal Materia Medica: From Field to Patient (4 units + Capstone project 3 units)

10 courses (total 40 credit units):

Healthcare Regulations, Ethics, and Compliance (4 units)

Advanced Healthcare Financial Management (4 units)

Healthcare Economics and Policy Analysis (4 units)

Organizational Behavior and Social Psychology in Healthcare (4 units)

Transformative Healthcare Leadership and Management  (4 units)

Healthcare Cost Analysis, Budgeting, and Decision Making (4 units)

Practice Ethics, Risk Management, and Quality Assurance (4 units)

Innovations in Healthcare System Design and Delivery (4 units)

Operations Management, Process Improvement for Health Organizations (4 units)

Strategic Healthcare Management, Marketing, and Outreach (4 units + Capstone project 3 units)


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