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Credit Transfer for Further Studies

Graduates may use their IHLSI degree to transfer credits if they apply for master’s programs at other institutions. This can facilitate a smoother and more efficient academic progression.

Direct Application to Doctoral Programs

Graduates of IHLSI are also eligible to directly apply for doctoral programs, providing a pathway to advanced academic and research opportunities.

Opportunities for Technical Immigration

The full English-medium instruction at IHLSI equips students with strong English language skills, which is advantageous for high scores in English proficiency tests like TOEFL and IELTS. This proficiency is beneficial for technical immigration systems that assess applicants’ language abilities.

Advantages in U.S. Work Visa Applications

Holding a master’s degree can increase the likelihood of success in work visa lotteries, such as the H1B visa in the United States. Annually, a specific number of H1B visas are reserved for applicants with master’s degrees from U.S. institutions, offering a higher chance of selection compared to bachelor’s degree holders.

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